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RCBO Awards

2018 winners

Publisher: Editions Bakame, Title: Karisa wa Munyantamati, Author: Denyse Umuhuza(Winner)

Publisher: SBD, Title: Agasaro ka Makumi, Author: Habimana Augustin(2nd place)

Category: Best Author

Publisher: Trends Education Publishers, Title: Reka Tubare, Author: Trends Education Publishers(Winner)

Publisher: Mudacumura Publishers, Title: Umusambi n'igikeri, Author: Mudacumura Publishers(2nd place)

Category: Best Disigner

Publisher: SBD, Title: Cyusa umwana ukunda umunyenga, Author: Habimana Augustin(Winner)

Publisher: Cactus Publishers, Title:Simba n'incuti ze, Author: Inkstain(2nd place)

Category: Best Illustrator
Publisher: Editions Bakame, Title: Mimi Hogoza, Author: Daniel Ambatchev(Winner)

Publisher: Furaha Publishers, Title:Fifi umukinnyi w'umupira, Author: Mary G. Mbabazi(2nd place)

Category: Best Inclusive Book

Capacity Building and Professional Development

RCBO in partnership with the University of Bristol organized a workshop on developing language supportive textbooks in East Africa, 42 writers and illustrators successfully attended the workshop.

RCBO members have co-facilitated numerous training workshops with Save the Children between 2015 and 2018.

RCBO members and their work partners have attended all Save the Children book publishing training workshops since 2013


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Publishing Sub-Sector

Publishers have published more than 100 quality digital books available on Global Digital Library with open licensing through collaborations with the World Bank and Save the Children

More free accessible books are on the Haapa Store

Rwandan publishers have published audio books and animations adapted from books

They have also launched online bookstores like haapastore.com, ibitabo.com, and many more

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Professional member based Organisation that fasters the growth of the children's publishing industry in Rwanda.

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