List of publisher members of Rwanda Children Books Organization (RCBO)

The organization provides a platform for its members to engage other stakeholders with the aim of influencing the book policy, capacity building, and market development for the book industry in Rwanda specifically in relation to children’s books. RCBO currently has 17 members and is still growing.

Our vision

Our vision is to breed a new generation of leaders of impact through provision of affordable and quality educational services and products.

Our mission

Our mission is to advance education and elevate poverty by promoting the culture of reading through the provision of quality and affordable educational services and materials.

Our core values

A – Affordable and quality service providers
R – Rwanda’s Growth and Development and 
I – Impact that will last across generations
S – Services that bridges the gap
E – Educational access for national prosperity and development

Contact Us

Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250783945964 / +250788354020

Bakame Editions is an independent, non-profit association operating in Rwanda since 1995 in the field of publishing and reading culture promotion. It is the first publishing house for children and young people created in Rwanda.
Bakame Editions produces good literature for children and young people in the national language, Kinyarwanda.
Since 2007 it has published various Kinyarwanda textbooks for primary schools. Since its creation in 1995, Bakame Editions has produced over 2 million copies of 200 different books and booklets. Bakame Editions is active in the promotion of reading culture in Rwanda. This vowed Bakame Editions various national and international recognitions with the major award received in 2013 : BOP Bologna Prize of Best Children’s Publisher of the year in Africa.


 Create and promote good literature for children and young people in Rwanda based on their own culture.
 Ensure the revival of oral literature while transforming the rich traditional oral literature in a written form.
 Promote the reading culture in Rwanda through the organization of reading events, campaigns and book caravans for children and young people. 
 Provide training to Rwandan authors and illustrators through organised workshops and give them a chance for their works to be published.
 Encourage and maintain liaisons and of contacts with like-minded organizations and associations.

Bakame Editions 
Remera I KG 182 St 2
Po Box: 4281 | Kigali
Phone: +250 788 422 660
Email & Website

About Cactus Publishers Ltd

We distribute books to schools , Book shops ,  Supermarkets, NGOs and faith based organisation. We  Donate books to some schools. We mantain our working relationship with our stake holders  like  Authors, illustrators, designers  editors and printeries. We participate in national literacy day by promoting cultural of reading. We recognise all our clients where ever there. We deliver offered orders on time.
We serve our customer with professional attitude and with work integrity. We participate in national book fares and international book fares. We participated in made in Rwanda Expo, promoting made in Rwanda.


To satisfy the reading for enjoyment and educational materials needs of African children by developing high quality, enjoyable, affordable and relevant books.


To be the leading publisher of quality text and reading books for young children.

Phone: +250 788 312 889

Espace Littéraire Soma Ltd, is Rwandan company created and registered in July 2015.

Coordinated by an author, Espace Littéraire Soma publishes her stories written in Kinyarwanda, illustrated and designed by Rwandans.

Our target group is children and youth. We also provide services in reading, literacy and other after school activities.

We have titles endorsed by Save the Children, titles approved by REB and others are submitted for approval.  .

As a member of Rwandan Children’s Book Organisation (RCBO), we regularly participate in its activities promoting the local publishing industry.

We are also member of Rwanda Read, the Forum of different actors in promoting the culture of reading. And then we collaborate with MINEDUC, REB, MINISPOC and other government institutions in literacy and reading.

We have a partnership with Save the Children in different events and activities such as Book Fairs, Abana Writers’ Café and Literacy Month …

Excel Education Partners Ltd. Mugisha G. Stephen +250788409225

Furaha Publishers is a children’s book publishing house registered as a company from September 2014 by Dr. Christine Warugaba. Dr. Christine Warugaba’s education include a Medical Degree (MD) and a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH). In 2012, she wrote her first children’s book and has since written many more.


Furaha Publisher’s mission is to avail children’s books that nurture imagination and creativity. For we strongly believe that creativity begins with imagination. We hope that by nurturing imagination and creativity in young children, we are nurturing future inventors, problem solvers and leaders.

Our books

More than 90% of our children’s books have female characters as the heroines. Often, we see children’s books depicting male characters as the heroes. Through our books, we show the girl child that she too can be brave and do extra ordinary things.

We publish all our books in four languages including Kinyarwanda, English, French and Swahili. The age range for our books is 0- 9 years and we are in the process of developing books for older children.


Christine Warugaba

Address: Kibagabaga, Kigali.

Telephone: 0789403329 or 0787856642



G&I Publisher Gisa Yassin Shyaka +250788304288
Our general objective is to publish books that support education activities in order to improve literacy levels by creating lifelong learners and that are relevant to the Rwandan context.
  • Publish books aligned with the Rwandan Competence Based Curriculum
  • Publish sufficient, engaging and level-appropriate readers
  • Train teachers on how to use course books and supplementary materials
  • Train Rwandan authors on how to write books for children
  • Train Rwanda illustrators and designers on developing children books
Date of Creation: 06th November/2014
Main Activities of the Company: Producing educational support materials
Main Products : Readers, School textbooks, Charts and Flyers
Main Services:
  • Writing books
  • Designing books
  • Publishing books
  • Illustrating books
  • Editing books
  • Selling books
  • Distributing books
  • Training teachers
  • Training authors
  • Training Designers
  • Training Illustrators
Principal Customer:
  • Ministry of education
  • Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Book sellers
  • Private Schools
  • Parents or Guardians
Head Office Address :
Rwanda, Kigali City, Gasabo, Kimironko, Bibare
Street name and number: KG 4 st
Phone Number: +250 782126922/+250788757591

ABOUT IGA Publishers: IGA Publisher is a Rwandan publishing company dealing in production of books mainly Children books. The name IGA Publishers is derived from a Kinyarwanda word IGA meaning “Learn”, we are a company prioritizing development, production and publishing of local teaching/ educativecontent.

MOTTO: “educating a generation”.

VISION: Becoming the leading children books publishers in the east African region.

DATE OF ESTABLISHMENT: Established on 17th March 2016.

REGISTRATION NUMBER:Registered under RDB with TIN No:105562476.

THE PRODUCTS WE PROVIDE: We publish children books and we are looking into publishing textbooks.

ADRESS: Gasabo, Kacyiru KG706 Tel: 0787464269, 0788322637

CLIENTS/ PARTNERS: Save the Children, KIGALI Public Library, IKIREZI Library, CHEMONICS, SBD.

MAIN CLIENT: Save the children (Mrs. NISHIMWE Natasha; 0788448142, Mrs. UWIMANA Cathy;0788691063)

PUBLISHED TITTLES: As of 10th April 2017, IGA Publishers has published 20 Kinyarwanda reading books: Ganza 1,2,3,4,5 (Book series) Umunsiwa Pino (Umunsiwa Sano), Umutakawa Pino (Umutakawa Sano) KarizanaKanezahakuryay’ishyamba, KarizanaKanezahafiy’ikiyaga, Maguguri, AgakwavuTeta, UmunsiNakuze (Nkundakugenda) RutinaMugiraneza, Ana umukobwaw’intangarugero, Itabazaryange, Toto umwanaw’inkubaganyi,Igitigitangaje, MbatahafiyishyambaryaNyarushishi, Gikeri mu mugi andIbiba mu kirere.

PROFESSION EXPERTISE ON BOARD: - Degree in IT, Degree in Genera Medicine, Degree in Information Science – Logistics Option, Degree in Finance.

MEMBERSHIP: IGA Publishers is a member of RCBF (Rwanda children book forum) since 2016.


  • DUSABE CAROLINE (Save the Children): 0783352374
  • GATARE Swaibu (Rwanda Biomedical center Centre):0788308535
  • MUYOMBO Thomas (National Centre for Blood Transfusion): 0788302938


For any other information: 0787464269, 0788322637, email:

Kibondo Editions Munyurangabo Jean de Dieu +250788422242

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd was registered in 2013. It was founded by a recent graduate, FistonMudacumura from former National University of Rwanda in the department of Modern Languages and Publishing.

Mudacumura Publishing House worked on publishing books of Andika Rwanda 2015 and Andika Rwanda 2016 on behalf of Rwanda Education Board-REB through EDC (National writing competitions by Rwanda Education Board-REB, funded by USAID).

It published its first book in 2015. But currently, it has grown its books catalogue up to 149 titles. The company works with around 40 authors and illustrators from different regions of Rwanda, mainly rural areas.

The company has participated in different local and international book fairs such as Frankfurt Book Fair 2017, Festival des Bandesdessinéesd’Angouleme 2018, Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair 2018 andBologna Children’s Book Fair (2017, 2018, 2019).

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltdwas a BK Urumuri winner 2017 (Startup business development program by Bank of Kigali). It is alsoa member of Rwanda Children’s Book Organization (RCBO), a local NGO founded by different local publishers.

Mudacumura Publishing House owns different bookpoint of sales in Muhanga (Lumina Supermarket), Huye (4G supermarket), Nyamagabe (Dallas Supermarket), Nyagatatare(Mega Supermarket), Karongi (PapeterieGiramahoro) and Musanze (Millenium Stationery, Paoussia).

1.Vision statement

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd aims at being not only Rwandanbut also the international hub of knowledge and fun through books.

2.Mission statement

Build a creativerefuge for authors, illustrators and other book content providers by forminga well of literary fun and knowledge to the readers.


Serving with integrity, reliability and quality

4.Business goals and objectives

Putting a book in every Rwandan hand from babies to mature people.

5.Business strategy

Take care of the author, the author will provide for the reader

6.Economic intent

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd is profit book publishing business.

7.Corporate and Social Responsibility

Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd is a member of Rwanda Children’s Book Organisation and Rwanda Reads community. These are all organizations that aim at building the literacy and the reading culture in Rwanda.

We have also started a project called “Well of Knowledge and fun”. It consists in renovating most of our old community wells and turning them into our Point of Sale for the books we publish. Yes, the books in our point of sales will be for sale, but once in a week during the weekend, the point of sale will serve a s a library where children and people form the community will come and read the books for free. We are still piloting it, once it goes well, we are planning to grow and reach throughout the country in all 2168 cells.

This project will be an eight-year project within the 2025 vision of Mudacumura Publishing House. This project will cost us between Eight hundred thousand Us Dollars (800,000$) and One million Us Dollars (1,000,000$) depending on the rate and value of the money in the eight years to come.

8.Business, Administrative and contact information

  1. Business name: Mudacumura Publishing House Ltd
  2. Business type: Sole proprietor
  3. Company registration number: 103028775
  4. Tel: +25(0) 783185866
  5. Email:
  6. Website:
  7. Physical address: Kigali, Kicukiro, Gatenga, Rugari, KK46 st Ave 1
  8. Postal address: 4074Kigali

Perdua Publishers profile

Perdua Publishers is a publishing company registered in RDB with TIN 104620173. It aims at producing age appropriate children story books in Kinyarwanda and other official languages. As an upcoming publishing house enthusiastic to produce books, Perdua Publishers works with Rwandan writers and illustrators to achieve its goals. The long-term objective is to publish books in different languages for all age ranges.


To produce high-quality age appropriate story books in terms of content, design and creativity.


To be a dynamic, top notch center of publishing and deliver high quality books to the customers.


To publish and avail quality books which offer holistic and innovative educational ends and promote the culture of reading.

Uwera Perpetue
Perdua Publishers_CEO
Mobile: 0782339567

Rise and Shine Publishers Limited is a Rwandan publishing company registered within Rwanda Development Board, Office of the Registrar General (Company Code: 105796588) as a private company limited by shares.

Our aim is to produce high quality children’s books and other teaching and learning materials that support reading in Rwanda and in the region. The authors, designers and illustrators who are working with us have all valuable experience in book development and publishing and in working with local companies, public institutions and NGOs intervening in education in Rwanda and in the region.


The company manager, authors, illustrators, graphic designer are all Rwandans. This team is putting their efforts, knowledge and talents together to have quality and well-designed children’s reading materials including read aloud stories, comics, concept books, levelled books, wall charts, flash cards, etc...  The company is willing to collaborate and/ or partner with other companies or institutions (public, private or in the civil society) that are engaged in the promotion of reading culture and production of children’s books in the region.

Below are some of the demonstrated evidence of participation in publishing children’s books and other reading materials:

  1. Jean Bosco HAVUGIMANA, Managing Director, Author, Editor of Rise and Shine Publishers Ltd, has a long experience working with Rwanda Education Board, Early Grade Reading projects as well as local and international publishers. Jean Bosco worked as an editor for L3 (Literacy, Language and Learning Initiative) Project for all the Kinyarwanda read aloud collection, teachers guide and student’s books. His job was to make sure that these books meet the requirements from REB and that the language used is child friendly and that it reflect Rwandan values.He is also the author of: Feza agurukana n’utunyoni and Urugendo rw’inyamaswa i Kigali.
  2. Chantal UWIRAGIYE, Author and Editor for Rise and Shine Publishers. She wrote many stories.Many of her stories are qualified to be used as read aloud for young children in preprimary schools in Rwanda or as read alone for children in lower primary (6 to 9 years old). She recently wrote a famous comic in Kinyarwanda, French and in English “Zuzu n’inshuti ze- Adventures of Zuzu-Les Aventures de Zuzu” She has more than 10 years experience in book development as she worked with and occupied different positions in international and local campanies developping instructional materials such as EDC, FHI 360, EDT, SDB, Furaha Publishers, Fountain Publishers and many more. In addition, she has a good experience developping the teaching and learning materials for the public schools. This is a joint effort between the Ministry of Education in DRC (DIPROMAD department) and FHI 360 through Chemonics international, ACCELERE Project.
  3. Illustrators and Desigenrs : Rise and Shine Publishers is working with different illustrators and designers who also have a big experience working with local publishers, Rwanda Education Board,Save the Children, VSO, Chemonics International and World Vision Rwanda.


Because of our high quality reading materials and our good reputation on providing trustworthy services, we have worked with several public institutions and NGOs such as REB,Save the Children,Chemonics International, VSO, Help a Child,  and Child Fund Rwanda. On the other side, we are partnering with World Vision Rwanda to publishlevelled stories/readers from different communities working with World Vision Rwanda.

For Rise and Shine Publishers Ltd
Managing Director

+250 788648195       
+250 730125289        



Business Name School Books Distributors.
Address: Gishushu KN5 Road (Kigali International Airport Road), P.O Box 4069, Kigali
Contact Telephones: +250788522495 or +250782875174
Commencement of publishing and Book selling: Since  2002
Membership associations:  ·                  Rwanda Children Book Forum (RCBF)·                  Rwanda Publishers and Book Sellers Union (RPBU)


Core Business Publishing Children literature and school textbooks

SBD Books Ltd hasestablished a track record of publishing books since 2013. Our areas of focus include reading material such as storybooks for children aged 1 to 12 years, Early Childhood Development (ECD) books, textbooks for primary and secondary schools and other supplementary learning materials like educational wall charts and posters, all in Kinyarwanda (local language) and English.

We also have audio books and have converted 50 of our titles into eBooks and these are readily available at Amazon. We have so far published over 200 titles ofChildren literature and school textbooks publishing and aim to grow the list by at least 20 titles every year.

We have keen interest in the development of books that will meet children readership preferences and that cater for various interesting themes. Our dedicated team of highly trained authors, illustrators and designers, work tirelessly to produce top quality materials.

Our Vision: To produce and provide innovative, top of the range learning materials that promote literacy, numeracy and that build qualitative skills in children.

Our Mission: To efficiently and effectively utilise best business practices to build our product offering to the satisfaction of our clients.

SBD Core values: Faithfulness, Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, and Innovation